and Delivery with RedCap

RedCap provides the necessary software to enable seamless order details, assignment, dispatching, tracking, and management oversight of on-demand drivers to retail automotive customers, enabling out-of-dealership experiences like pickup and delivery. With our new RedCap integration, dealers can streamline and optimize the pickup and delivery process, integrating Modern Loaner Management, Out-of-Store Experiences, and Vehicle Logistics.

Contactless Contracting

Seamless integration

Integrate Dealerware's digital, contactless contracting flow in your pick-up and delivery experience.

  • Capture customer information and contract digitally, contact-free
  • Automate fuel, tolls, and odometer readings for seamless cost recovery
  • Limit liability with customizable mobile-based agreements

Location + Status

Total control

All the information you need across your entire fleet, in a single view.

  • Locate service vehicles on the real-time map
  • Full visibility into vehicle location and diagnostics while on contract
  • Monitor status of pick-up and drop-off in real-time


Real-time, all the time

Modern, real-time communication that meets customer expectations.

  • SMS communication and transparency from reservation to completed contract
  • Track pickup and drop-off status in real-time via mobile device
  • Elevate CSI up to 100 points

How it works

  • The delivery driver receives the order with all of the necessary information for the driver to pick up the loaner vehicle from the dealership

    With the RedCap integration, dealership staff can now use the Dealerware real-time mapping functionality to direct drivers to the exact vehicle location - increasing efficiency.

    The vehicle should be associated with an account by the dealership before arrival, or the vehicle can be associated with a new contract by scanning the VIN.

  • The driver brings the vehicle to the customer

    The customer is notified with a tracking link to monitor where the vehicle is en-route and is provided a real-time estimate of arrival based on Google traffic data. Additionally, the ETA of the driver is displayed in the Dealerware dashboard, allowing service personnel to be aware of the vehicle location and status at all times.

  • The driver arrives and initiates the Dealerware contracting flow in the RedCap app

    Using this flow, RedCap drivers can complete customer information, start a contract, and send that contract to customers via text once completed.

    During the time the vehicle is on contract, Redcap customers can view helpful vehicle information in real-time such as GPS location, all contract details, and fuel mileage.

  • Once service is complete, the driver drops off the serviced vehicle with the customer at a time and location of their choosing

    At this point, the driver completes the contract with the customer (via the Dealerware flow in the RedCap application). This includes capturing fuel, odometer, and any damage. Once complete, the customer receives an SMS link to their receipt.

  • The customer receives real-time communication and can access live links throughout the experience

    This includes: confirmation of delivery appointment, 2-hour before pick-up reminder, driver en-route (with real-time map - like Uber or Lyft), driver arrived, thank you message with fuel, odometer and link to the signed contract, and vehicle has arrived at the service location. In addition, there is an option to create customizable customer surveys.

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