Austin, TX


April 4–6

Monday to Wednesday

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What is INSPIRE?

Dealerware INSPIRE is a two-day in-person immersive event, focused on preparing Dealerware users, partners and prospects for the ever-changing automotive landscape and facilitating meaningful discussions with industry thought leaders.

As a pioneer in modern fleet management software, Dealerware drives profitability for dealerships by eliminating costs and creating efficiencies while elevating your customer's experience.

Attendance is a mix of OEMs, dealer groups and dealership personnel. The content consists of both tactical user focused trainings and industry focused thought leadership keynotes and panels.
Keynote speakers

Matt Carpenter


Thomas King

President of Data And Analytics Division & Chief Product Officer,
J.D. Power

Chris Sutton

Vice President of Automotive Retail,
J.D. Power

Chris Taylor

VP and GM,
CDK Global

Alexis Cisneros

Customer Success Account Manager,
Track One

Dealerware Discussions

This track will bring together thought leaders from in and around the industry to discuss some of the hottest (and more challenging) topics we face today. Attendees of these sessions will walk away with actionable insights to improve their own businesses.

Track Two

Dealerware Discovery

This track will allow our customers to hear from some of the most inspiring users in the country, receive in-depth insight and training on the Dealerware suite of products, and get an early sneak peek as we unveil our newest products and services for 2022 and beyond.

Making it Happen



Monday, April 4th

Arrival & Welcome Reception

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Badge pick up - Foyer, 7th Floor, Hotel Zaza
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Welcome Reception - Group Therapy, 7th Floor, Hotel Zaza

Tuesday, April 5th

All daytime events will take place on the 7th Floor of Hotel Zaza

8:00 am Networking Breakfast + Vendor Hall - Foyer
9:00 am - 12:05 pm Keynotes and Breakout sessions
9:00 am INSPIRE Summit Welcome, Matt Carpenter - Gold Standard Ballroom
9:40 am U.S. Automotive Industry Outlook, Thomas King, J.D. Power - Gold Standard Ballroom
10:15 am Break
10:25 am Breakout sessions:
  • Where's the Money in Mobility? - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • Recharging Your Fleet's Impact - Rainmaker
  • Lounge + Work Space - Don’t Mess with Texas
11:10 am Break
11:20 am Breakout sessions:
  • Conquer Your Local Rental Market - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • Organize Your Fleet, Maximize Cost Recovery - Rainmaker
  • Lounge + Work Space - Don’t Mess with Texas
12:05 pm Networking Lunch + Vendor Hall - Group Therapy
1:20 pm - 5:15 pm Keynotes and Breakout sessions
1:20 pm Recharge consumer convenience for an EV world, Chris Sutton, J.D. Power - Gold Standard Ballroom
1:50 pm Quick Break
1:55 pm Breakout sessions:
  • Maximize Lifetime Customer Value - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • Your team uses Dealerware - but do you? - Rainmaker
  • OEM Forum (invite only- 2 hour session) - Don’t Mess with Texas
2:40 pm Quick Break - Foyer
2:50 pm Breakout sessions:
  • Dealer Group Strategic Download - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • Customer Success Office Hours - Have a question about using our product? Get info from the experts.
  • OEM Forum continued (invite only) - Don’t Mess with Texas
3:35 pm Break
3:45 pm Strong Alliances will Win Mobility Market Share - Gold Standard Ballroom
4:15 pm Break
4:25 pm Breakout sessions:
  • Partnering to Power Mobility Success - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • User Experience and Why it Matters at your Dealership - Rainmaker
  • Lounge + Work Space - Don’t Mess with Texas
5:10 pm Quick Break
5:15 pm Closing Remarks + Day 1 Recap, Matt Carpenter- Gold Standard Ballroom
5:30 pm Refresh or Network in Vendor Hall
6:45 pm Meet up to walk to Off-Site Event at Malverde at La Condesa - Hotel Zaza Lobby (first floor)
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Off-Site Dinner Event Malverde at La Condesa, 400 W 2nd St A, Austin, TX 78701

Wednesday, April 6th

All daytime events will take place on the 7th Floor of Hotel Zaza

8:00 am Networking Breakfast + Vendor Hall - Foyer
9:00 am - 12:30 pm Keynotes and Breakout sessions
9:00 am Opening Keynote: Customer Obsessed: What 24 minutes represents, Alexis Cisneros - Gold Standard Ballroom
9:40 am Break
9:50 am Breakout sessions:
  • Reaching Fleet ROI Nirvana - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • Organize Your Fleet, Maximize Cost Recovery - Rainmaker
  • Lounge + Work Space - Don’t Mess with Texas
10:35 am Break
10:40 am Breakout sessions:
  • What the Data You Don't Have Costs You - Gold Standard Ballroom
  • Recharging Your Fleet's Impact - Rainmaker
  • Lounge + Work Space - Don’t Mess with Texas
11:30 am Quick Break
11:35 am Concluding Keynote - Gold Standard Ballroom
12:05 pm Summit Closing Remarks, Matt Carpenter - Gold Standard Ballroom
12:30 pm Networking Lunch in Group Therapy or “To Go” Lunch available in Foyer
1:30 pm Conference concludes

Session Tracks

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

A masterclass from experts across the automotive landscape who know firsthand the value of transitioning from transaction economics to customer economics.

See takeaways
  • Get inspired to shift from transaction to customer economics by experts from different areas of retail.
  • Gain an understanding of what the customer values and how to deliver on that within your own business.
  • Learn how to quantify the impact of customer-centricity over the long term.
Tuesday, April 5

1:55 p.m.

Partnering to Power Mobility Success

Great partnerships make great dealership experiences possible. In this session, learn how vendor collaborations make life simpler for everyone in the dealership (even your customers).

See takeaways
  • Learn how different vendors and auto retailers build collaborative services.
  • Understand how flexible integrations solve operational challenges.
  • See the real-world impact of a partnership designed for simplicity.
Tuesday, April 5

4:25 p.m.

Where’s the Money in Mobility?

Drivers, dealerships and automakers might all benefit from a change in the way we use cars. Learn about the opportunities and challenges involved in managing fleets for customers that want to drive, but don’t want to buy.

See takeaways
  • Understand the transportation and mobility trends that signal opportunity for OEMs and dealerships.
  • Learn which flex-fleet programs to jump into first, from lease bridges to paid test drives and daily rental.
  • Chart the path of auto retail evolution as fleet programs & EVs take over.
Tuesday, April 5

10:25 a.m.

Dealer Group Strategic Download

Along with leaders from top dealer groups, we’ll look at the key lessons learned from 2020 and 2021 and see how they’ve changed the way dealers manage everything from inventory to relationships.

See takeaways
  • Learn how top dealer groups navigate industry change.
  • See the impact of digital tools on dealership management.
  • Understand the mindset of a forward-looking dealers.
Tuesday, April 5

2:50 p.m.

What the Data You Don’t Have Costs You

Dealerships, dealer groups and OEMs need to be data-driven enterprises. In this session, see what data is most important at each level of automotive retail, and learn how to drive strategic decision-making with the right information.

See takeaways
  • Learn the data collection and measurement strategies best suited to your needs.
  • See the value of tech vendor partnership to strategic decision making.
  • Understand how to measure results, and when to look for them.
Wednesday, April 6

10:45 a.m.


Meeting Venue & Hotel

All meetings will be held at the newly opened Hoter Zaza, Austin. This is a chic property in the heart of downtown Austin.

Striking the perfect balance between refinement and relaxation at Hotel Zaza, extraordinary design meets complete functionality for business and leisure travelers alike. Elegant accommodations and sophisticated amenities provide consistently inspiring stays.

Catch up on the 2021 virtual INSPIRE Sessions

In anticipation of our in-person 2022 INSPIRE Summit we hosted a series of virtual panel discussions in 2021. INSPIRE Sessions featuring various thought-leaders across the automotive, tech, and marketing industries. The sessions are built to spotlight groundbreaking ideas that are shaping the future of customer experiences, and motivate listeners to own the conversation around today and tomorrow’s modern retail industry.

Watch INSPIRE 2021 sessions

Review our event COVID-19 Safety Initiatives

*Dealerware is closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and will take appropriate measures based on developments and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the WHO, and other federal, state and local authorities. This includes recommendations concerning travel and public events as well as local, state and federal requirements and recommendations with respect to mask wearing protocols.